Zewa +10% increase in sales after campaign start vs. previous year

The problem and our approach

  • Under the brand Zewa, SCA offers bathroom tissues and household towels in Germany
  • The project objective for our team was to generate new brand growth for Zewa household towels in a highly competitive and price-driven market
  • We started with a market- and brand analysis and were able to determine the most promising growth strategy for Zewa: winning brand switchers of household towels
  • For this we started to identify buying barriers of brand switchers of household towels towards Zewa, …
  • in order to develop Power Insights that would convince the target group to buy Zewa household towels

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards Zewa, qualified with private label users 

  • No / little perceived difference between cheaper brands and Zewa
  • Better household towels are not needed (“they will be thrown away anyway”)
  • Zewa household towels are much more expensive, although they do not offer more

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with private label users 

  1. Zewa: the most absorbent household towel
  • “No dripping” so that you can bring even fully soaked paper towels to the garbage without dripping on the floor
  • Special AirDry technique that allows to manufacture absorption pockets in the tissue that hold more liquid and lock it in safely

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. This concept was the foundation for the development of new communication martial, including a TV spot, ads in journals, online and in social media channels.

  • Zewa

    "The project with AMC has been really key to define our path for growth on household towels. This was especially crucial as there was a question if SCA should continue investing in branded household towels in a market that is mature and dominated by retail-brands.

    The results give an overview of insights for innovations, communications and a brand extension potential."

    - Marketing Director, Region Central -