Our success formula for efficient retail bank marketing:
[customer knowledge + expertise + creativity] x 20 years of experience

We combine about 20 years of experience in retail bank marketing with distinguished customer knowledge, strategic expertise and effective creativity.

Since its foundation in 1999, AMC has been continuously supporting major German financial service providers in national and international retail bank marketing. Our work comprises the total marketing value added chain from analysis to strategy development, conception and project management to creative implementation.

As a strategic lead agency, AMC is part of Deutsche Bank's Marketing Hot House, which has been our customer since 1999.
More details can be found in the Horizont article from March 22, 2018.

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Our strengths are in particular:

  • High analytic expertise and in-depth market understanding as fundament of convincing strategies
  • Conceptual creativity and comprehensive customer knowledge as a basis of effective marketing concepts
  • Considerable experience, a broad knowledge and high flexibility – the best base for effective project management
  • Strategy- and CD-compliant creatives, who deliver fast and in high quality

Our customers praise our great speed, reliability and work quality paired with absolute commitment and operational readiness. We are proud that our marketing concepts as well as our creations have been achieving excellent market results for several years now.

Considerable experience, high quality of work, absolute commitment

Besides our competences, our clients also value the way we work:

  • Long-term experience: Since 1999 – thus for almost 20 years – we are familiar with the retail banking business, its particular challenges as well as typical banking processes and framework conditions
  • Strong personnel continuity: The AMC management and our senior project managers in financial services have been working for our clients for many years
  • High quality of work: Our clients appreciate our great speed, our high degree of reliability and our excellent output
  • Absolute commitment: We promise and deliver maximum dedication – our customer is always king