Stabilo +30% turnover increase within 2 years

The problem and our approach

  • Stabilo is a leading manufacturer of writing instruments rope with core competencies in the fields of writing, drawing & drafting and highlighting
  • In order to gain new growth for the Stabilo swing cool highlighter in malaysia our AMC team identified the buying barriers of private label users towards Stabilo …
  • … in order to develop Power Insights that should convince the private label users to buy Stabilo highlighters

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards Stabilo, qualified with non-users

  • Think that Stabilo is more expensive than other brands or private labels, although there is no significant difference in quality
  • Assume that Stabilo lasts just as long as other highlighters

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with non-users

  • There is a new highlighter by Stabilo that you can leave uncapped for several hours without the tip drying out.
  • The ink of Stabilo’s highlighters builds a protective cover at the tip of the highlighter so that the highlighter does not dry out easily (“anti-dry-out function”) and you can use it for longer

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. This concept was the foundation for the relaunch of the online and offline communication material, as well as the presentation at the POS.

  • Stabilo

    "AMC's long-term experience and marketing know-how helped us to understand the enormous leverage effect of strong, convincing key messages and provided our brand with crucial findings.

    On the one hand, we were able to generate numerous key messages with the help of the growth-oriented approach of AMC whose relevance was directly confirmed by the target group. On the other hand, AMC clearly showed us which key messages do not support an effective communication with the target group. We can directly use these findings to develop our communication contents in an even more effective and efficient way in the future."

    - Director International Marketing, STABILO International GmbH -