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We are passionate and curious marketing experts. We are dedicated to finding answers together with you to all strategic questions around your brand.

Founder & CEO

  • Andreas Stumpf
    Andreas Stumpf
    Founder and CEO
  • Ralph Krüger
    Ralph Krüger
    Founder and CEO

Our leading team

  • Mariko Seewöster
    Mariko Seewöster
    Client Director
  • Stephan Dietzsch
    Stephan Dietzsch
    Client Director
  • Nils Marske
    Nils Marske
    Client Manager
  • Michael Köhler
    Michael Köhler
    Client Manager
  • Sabrina Klein
    Sabrina Klein
    Head of Business Development
  • Vera Holl
    Vera Holl
    Office Manager