We break through growth barriers and help every brand grow with Power Insights.

Our approach

The key to growth: To change the perception and with it the purchase behavior of the target group.

If a brand wants to grow, its target group needs to do something differently – otherwise nothing will change. But how can you achieve a change in the behavior of the target group? That means how do you e.g. turn current non-buyers into
future customers?

A change in behavior can only take place with a modified perception of the brand. A non-buyer has a certain perception of a brand, that keeps him from buying this brand today. Therefore these buying barriers need to be identified and prioritised
in a first step.

With the concrete knowledge about the buying barriers we develop Power Insights that overcome these barriers, change the perception of the brand and activate the target group. According to our definition a Power Insight is only a Power Insight if it changes behavior, i.e. turns a current non-buyer into a future customer.

We have broken through buying barriers in more than 500 projects and have thus turned current non-buyers into future customers.

Our mission

With our Power Insights we demonstrably ensure higher sales, turnover and market share
or enforce your price premium over competition.

Be it B2B or B2C, product or service, innovation or existing business, market leader or challenger –
we help every brand to grow!

Our self-concept

The AMC approach as a book: Brand Growth Barriers

How do you lead your brand to more growth – in a way that is planned, controlled and thus sustainable?

Most importantly, you have to recognize, that barriers are blocking the way to more growth and how you can overcome them. Then, every brand can grow!

In our book „Brand Growth Barriers“ we introduce our approach, which helps to systematically identify, analyze and overcome growth-barriers. In doing so, we disprove the prejudice that one has to invest millions into marketing activities, continuously come up with product innovations or have an aggressive pricing policy in order to let the company – and thus sales and profits – grow.

Applied consistently, the brand-growth-barrier model has repeatedly proven that brands can grow – no matter whether we are in times of boom or crisis, whether the brand is a market leader or a challenger, whether it is about products or services, consumers or business customers. Thus, our book comprises a multitude of examples from our consulting experience – as it is meant to be not only a helpful, but also an entertaining read.

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