Nivea Most successful international product launch within the skin care segment at the time

The problem and our approach

  • Nivea is one of the leading brands in the skin care segment with more than 100 years of history on the German market
  • Our mission was to develop a positioning for the international launch of a new anti-age-face cream by Nivea visage
  • For this purpose we identified users of competitive anti-age-face creams as the most promising target group …
  • Second, we detected their biggest buying barriers towards a Nivea anti-age-face cream …
  • … in order to develop Power Insights that would convince the target group to buy a new anti-age-face cream by Nivea

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards the anti-age cream, qualified with users of competitive brands

  • Satisfaction with the current anti-age product and no need for another product
  • Difficulties in believing that an anti-age product by Nivea Visage could achieve a better effect

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with users of competitive brands

  1. The “DNAge repair-complex” turns back the time:
  • Stops the cell-weakening-process
  • Replaces damaged DNA-parts by a copy of a healthy DNA-part
  • Improves the cell-quality to the level of 20 years ago

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept for Nivea. This concept was the foundation for the launch-campaign of the anti-age-face cream starting with the name “DNAge”, the claim “DNAge works where skin aging starts: at the DNA”, over packaging, TV-spots to online and offline media ads.

  • Nivea

    "With the effective combination of information, creativity and rationality AMC succeeded in developing a variety of persuasive and innovative product concepts for NIVEA Visage.

    It is rare that we have such a pipeline full of innovations!"

    - International Brand Leadership, Unit Face Care -