SodaStream 6-fold turnover increase within 12 months

The problem and our approach

  • Sodastream produces sparkling water makers under the brand Sodastream, which turn tap water into sparkling water
  • The project objective for our team was to generate growth for Sodastream on the German market by winning non-users
  • We started by identifying buying barriers of non-users towards Sodastream …
  • … in order to develop Power Insights that would convince non-users to buy Sodastream sparkling water maker in the future

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards Sodastream, qualified with non-users

  • Self-made carbonated water does not taste good (as the tap water does not taste good)
  • Carbonating at home is expensive / time consuming

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with non-users

  • Self-made carbonated water always tastes fresh
  • The amount of carbon dioxide can easily be adjusted to your taste
  • You save up to 50% of your expenditure on drinks
  • No more carrying of heavy water crates

Based on the strongest Power Insights, we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. This concept was the foundation for the new Sodastream campaign, including a TV spot, online and offline media ads, new website content and social media activities.

  • SodaStream

    "Based on the convincing results and the very concrete recommendations we have revised our communication – and were able to record sixfold growth rates in the first quarter compared to the previous year."

    - President Europe, Sodastream International Ltd. -