DERTOUR Doubling the growth rate within 6 months

The problem and our approach

  • DERTOUR is a large travel agency in Germany, and wanted to establish itself as a specialist for individual travels
  • Therefore the project objective for AMC was to develop a new differentiating positioning for DERTOUR in order to gain further growth
  • Our team started to identify buying barriers of the target group towards DEROUR …
  • … and generated Power Insights on this basis, which would increase the relevance of the brand and force the target group to give up their rejection and travel (more often) with DERTOUR

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards DERTOUR, qualified with non-users 

  • DERTOUR offers only a limited selection of travel destinations
  • DERTOUR mainly offers packaged tours like all the others
  • Don’t know why I should go for individual travel

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with non-users 

Travel with DERTOUR and it is you who decides:

Wide selection of vacation-modules

  • Your dream holiday due to a huge selection and flexible arrival and departure dates
  • Extensive offers for the whole world with 45 catalogues
  • With more than 16.800 catalogue sites the biggest selection of travel destinations and travel possibilities

Flexible adventure-modules

  • No minimum stay and no prescribed arrival and departure dates
  • Fly with DERTOUR whenever it suits you best

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. This concept was the foundation for the relaunch of the online and advertising image of DERTOUR as well as for the travel catalogues.


    "Based on the knowledge we gained in the course of the project, we were able to revise our advertising campaign as well as to optimize structure and contents of the catalogue entry pages.

    The qualification with the target group showed outstanding results: with a booking intention of 79% the results we obtained with the winner concept could even be exceeded. Therefore, we have already introduced the optimized entry pages in our winter catalogues."

    - Head of Marketing and Sales, DERTOUR GmbH -