Block House
Block House +27% increase in sales within the first months after relaunch

The problem and our approach

  • Block House is a well-known restaurant chain from Hamburg
  • In addition, Block House sells several products in supermarkets.
  • In 2016, a new series of traditional, partly seasonal ready-made meals was introduced, at the time under the name “Frische Küche” (fresh cuisine)
  • In order to successfully establish the new meals in the market, we first identified the most promising target group as well as the biggest buying barriers …
  • … in order to generate the most preference generating power insights and measures for the further communication and product offer, that would convince the target group of the new meals.

Insights in our findings

The growth target group

  • The meals are for people in smaller households, who love high-quality traditional dishes, but lack either the necessary time and/or cooking skills to prepare such dishes at home.

Optimizations of the packaging based on the learnings of the Power Insights:

  • Additional offer of a side dish to make sure that the entire meal is easy and quick to prepare
  • Presentation of the cooked meal on a plate instead of in a pot
  • No viewing windows as they reduce product attractivity in this case
  • Change of title from 'Frische Küche' to 'Genuss Gerichte' (delicious meals)
  • Clear information on portion size