Braun Increase of market share from 15,8% in 2016 to 35,3% in 2017

The problem and our approach

  • Braun, the leading manufacturer of hand blenders and part of the De'Longhi Group, had developed a new premium hand blender – the MQ9 – with innovative features such as a new bell with blades that could move up and down and a stronger motor.
  • In order to ensure a successful launch of the MQ9, together with the Braun global marketing team we identified the most probable buying barriers of users and non-users of hand blenders …
  • … in order to develop Power Insights that would convince the target groups to purchase the new MQ9.

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers qualified with users/ non-users in Germany and UK:

  • No need for a new hand blender (old utensils do not break down)
  • Advantages of the new hand blender are not understood – they even see disadvantages in the new technology (e.g. not enough control due to moveable shaft)

Convincing power insights to overcome the barriers:

  • Extract: You can easily chop or puree even hardest foods such as nuts, cinnamon or chocolate.

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed and qualified a preference-generating communication concept. This concept was the foundation for the launch-campaign and was used in the online and offline communication material, as well as the presentation at the POS. Thanks to the new concept, in Germany, the market share above 80 euro went from 15.8% in 2016 to 35.3% in 2017.

  • Braun

    „We got together with AMC to develop a convincing communication concept for our new hand blender MQ9. Their method of barriers and power insights was to give the process a clear structure and guarantee a strong concept. In the process, we not only gained valuable learnings on the target group, but identified valid barriers, which could have otherwise caused problems after the launch. With this knowledge, we were well able to develop a convincing launch concept, which then served as a solid foundation for the developemnt of the launch campaign. We are more than happy with the result – as we not only managed to profit from a very stringent process, but also from very good sales in the launch-countries. Thus it‘s not surprising that we shall be using the AMC method again this year for the launch of another innovation in our household business.“

    - Yasmin Moede, Global Brand Marketing Director -