WIV A significant increase in appointments for wine tastings thanks to changes in the acquisition process

The problem and our approach

  • The WIV Wein International AG is the world’s leading corporate group for direct distribution of wine that organizes wine tastings under e.g. the brand name Bacchus
  • The objective was to develop a convincing communication strategy for the German market.
  • For this purpose, we first identified barriers of all relevant target groups against Bacchus in general and against wine tastings in particular. 
  • Based on these, we developed power insights as well as a convincing sales story to increase the appointment ratio for private wine tastings and enhance customer loyalty.

Insights in our findings

The growth target group

  • Former participants of wine tastings
  • Potential participants of wine tastings

Biggest buying barriers against wine tastings and the brand Bacchus, qualified with the target groups

  • The target groups don’t want to invite an unfamiliar and potentially disagreeable person into their homes
  • They don’t want to schedule fixed appointments
  • They fear that they would feel obliged to buy wine even though it might not be to their liking
  • They doubt that the selection of wine during the wine tasting would meet their expectations

Convincing power insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with the target groups

  • Independent wine tastings without a consultant (order a wine-tasting DIY-package)
  • Wine tastings organized by a consultant that take place in out-of-home (e.g. in a hotel or restaurant)
  • Ordering without risk thanks to the acceptance of returned goods
  • Determination of taste profiles by the wine consultant to better select appropriate wines
  • Interactive calendar to schedule appointments

Based on the strongest power insights, we developed a convincing communication concept that is the foundation for increasing the appointment ratio for wine tastings.