Vorwerk Successful establishment of an alternative “door to door” sales system strategy

The problem and our approach

  • The vacuum cleaner business of Vorwerk in Germany had to face a strong decline in sales and turnover in the previous years
  • This was mainly due to perceived issues with the product and the door to door sales channel in the (potential) customers’ perception
  • Our task was to introduce a successful, new sales system to put Vorwerk on a growth course again
  • For this purpose, we first identified barriers of all relevant target groups against the existing sales system of Vorwerk
  • Based on these, we developed power insights, which lead to the introduction of a new, improved sales system of Vorwerk

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers connected to the sales system of Vorwerk, qualified with the target groups

  • No comparison between different vacuum cleaners possible because of the door to door sales system
  • Hardly any information available on the Vorwerk products in stores or on the web
  • Annoyed by too many sales calls
  • Rejection of unannounced sales calls at the front door
  • Skepticism against products, which are being sold at the front door

Convincing power insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with the target groups

  • Various information possibilities like sales stand in malls, market places or stores, direct mails or sales parties
  • Information on the client advisor via flyers and pre-arranged sales calls instead of unannounced visits
  • No need for immediate purchase decisions – instead the possibility of non-committal product tests at home

Based on the strongest power insights the new sales system was successfully adapted and implemented. Thus a higher willingness of the consumers to see product presentations was achieved and the negative trend in sales and turnover averted.