Tena Enforcement of 100% price premium over competitors

The problem and our approach

  • Under the brand TENA, SCA offers sanitary products for bladder weakness and incontinence
  • In order to generate new growth on the German market our team started by identifying the target group with the highest growth potential
  • Secondly, we analyzed the buying barriers of that target group towards TENA, which means reasons why they do not buy TENA for their bladder weakness
  • On that basis we developed Power Insights that would convince the target group to buy TENA instead of competition

Insights in our findings

Target groups with growth potential

  • Women who accept their bladder weakness and already buy competitive or substitute products such as pads or panty liners
  • Women who do not accept their bladder weakness and do not use feminine hygiene products for their incontinence at all. This group tries to ignore the problem or find own solutions

Biggest buying barriers towards TENA, qualified with the target groups

  • I don’t need TENA because I get along with the product I am currently using which offers enough protection from drops or small leaks
  • The product I am currently using offers the required protection and is more discreet than a thick pad or even nappy that I would expect from TENA clothes
  • I feel more comfortable with my product than with TENA because it provides me enough protection and is inconspicuous, whether during shopping, in the bathroom or in the handbag

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with the target groups

  • Other people realize the smell of urine faster than you yourself would. TENA helps to reliably neutralize this smell
  • TENAs’ products are thin and discreet so you can also wear e.g. fine underwear or tight sport clothes
  • It would be more obvious to others that you have bladder weakness if they see you going to the bathroom rather frequently to change or check your pad.

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. This concept was the foundation for the redesign of the packaging as well as further communication activities including the website or media ads.

  • Tena

    "Thanks to the structured approach of AMC we have systematically broadened the knowledge at hand and thus identified the most important barriers of our target group. Based on these, we generated convincing power insights. The immediate qualification with focus groups showed that the developed power insights hold great potential.

    We would like to point out the enthusiasm and the commitment of the AMC team, despite working on a topic that is as sensitive as this one. Thus we look forward to working together again."

    - Global Brand Director, SCA Hygiene Products GmbH -