Sony Handover of 25.000 Users of the micro- sites in GER, GB and FRA as registered users when launching CONNECT

The problem and our approach

  • Sony is one of the biggest electronics companies worldwide with the core business in entertainment electronics. Sony CONNECT was a music download platform, which was unique in Europe at the point of the planned launch
  • The project objective was to increase brand awareness and the willingness to register with CONNECT in the prelaunch phase
  • Hence target group relevant positioning- and communication concepts were developed and concrete marketing measures were derived and realized for the prelaunch phase

Insights in our findings

The growth target group

  • User of illegal and legal online music services
  • Non-users of online music services

Results of the project

  • Implementation of three microsites in Germany, Great Britain and France
  • Implementation of various marketing measures (online banner, flyer, shirts, stickers, contests) to generate brand awareness and registration-interest among the defined target groups
  • Handover of 25.000 Users of the microsites in Germany, Great Britain and France as registered users at the launch of CONNECT