Punica +70% increase in sales within one year

The problem and our approach

  • Punica offers a wide range of different fruit juices for the whole family
  • Project objective for AMC was to generate further growth for Punica by winning competitor-users of fruit based drinks for the new innovation-category fruit lemonades
  • For this purpose we started to identify buying barriers towards fruit lemonades in general…
  • … in order to develop Power Insights that would convince non-users to buy Punica fruit lemonades

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards Punica, qualified with the non-users

  • Fruit lemonades are associated with „bad“ lemonade, such as Fanta and are considered to be unhealthy
  • Fruit lemonades do not differ from spritzers
  • Fruit lemonades can easily be self-made

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with the non-users

  • Punica fruit lemonade is so tasty, it makes it easy for your child to drink lots of fluids
  • Punica fruit lemonade is as refreshingly tasty as a lemonade
  • Punica fruit lemonade is as healthy as juice but contains just half as much fructose
  • Punica fruit lemonade contains no artificial additives (e.g. coloring, aromas or sweeteners) or added sugar


Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating innovation concept. This concept was the foundation for the launch of the Punica fruit lemonades and all communication that came with it, such as the product names, claim, packaging, TV-Spot, online and offline ads, as well as the presentation at the POS.