Dr. Loges Rhodiolan
Dr. Loges Rhodiolan +30% increase in turnover within the first year after campaign launch

The problem and our approach

  • Dr. Loges develops, produces and markets Phytopharmaka, i.e. homeopathic medicine and vital substance preparations, which are taken from plants and/ or contain natural substances like vitamins, minerals or micronutrients
  • For Rhodiolan by Dr. Loges, a herbal medicine against stress, we were asked to develop a positioning concept to distinguish it from competitive brands and push the growth in the German market
  • For this purpose we started by identifying buying barriers of users of competitive brands …
  •  … in order to develop Power Insights that should convince the target group of using Rhodiolan

Insights in our findings

Biggest buying barriers towards Rhodiolan, qualified with users of competitive brands

  • Satisfaction with currently recommended products
  • Missing knowledge and presence of Rhodiolan
  • Unknown ingredients and effects of Rhodiolan

Most convincing Power Insights to overcome the barriers, qualified with users of competitive brands

  • Illustration of relevant situations and symptoms: Double strain, Job & Family
  • For acute and permanent stress situations
  • Double effect of Rhodiolan: Regulation of the stress-protection-hormone cortisol and mobilization of the energy carrier ATP - for a greater mentally and physically resilience
  • No side effects and mutual reactions, no dependence

Based on the strongest Power Insights we developed a preference-generating positioning concept. The implementation is reflected in diverse communication materials of Rhodiolan like media ads in journals, online, new website content and social media activities.